Community Services Review – Have your say

30th June 2023

Help us shape Community Services of the future in Norfolk and Waveney.

We want to hear from you, our residents and staff who make up our communities across Norfolk and Waveney. We have started an important piece of work to listen to our residents, staff and communities to better understand what people think about health and social care services in the community – such as community mental health services, health visitors and support once people have left hospital, as well as working together to help further improve these services in the future.

This is a crucial part of the journey to make sure that your thoughts and views are firmly embedded into describing what the future vision for community services across Norfolk and Waveney should look like and how we can improve outcomes and experiences for both residents and staff.

Why we want to hear from you

Health and care services provided locally play a crucial role in everyone’s lives. Community Services cover health and care provision (outside hospital) that are delivered by social care, primary care, council services, public health and our voluntary, community and social enterprise sector groups.

Community services in Norfolk and Waveney were historically commissioned by five different Clinical Commissioning Groups, each having their own need and prioritisation for people and communities. This led to differences in how services were provided across Norfolk and Waveney.  The community services review is being led by NHS Norfolk and Waveney, with the support of all health and care organisations across our health and care system.

We want to provide care closer to people’s homes that is joined up, prioritises the prevention of ill-health, addresses inequalities and helps build resilient communities. This essentially means that we want to empower people to take more control over their own health, to help them live longer, healthier and happier lives and at the same time, make sure that services are available at the right time and right place to help prevent people from needing hospital care in the first place and, if they do, help speed up their recovery journey once they are ready to leave hospital, having appropriate services available across local communities.

What will we do with the information gathered?

This survey complements a series of five resident and staff workshops taking place during July and August. The survey offers an additional opportunity for residents and communities across Norfolk and Waveney to find out more about this important programme of work and help shape improvements to health and care services for residents across Norfolk and Waveney.

Feedback from this survey and the five workshops will be consolidated in a report that will help inform next steps. as well as the future commissioning of services outside hospital for people at all stages in their lives.

In addition, we will be using lots of information gathered recently from our residents and staff across Norfolk and Waveney. So whether you feed into this survey, the workshops or other recent examples of engagement and opportunities for us to listen, we will be using all this very important feedback.