Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System

Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System

The Quality Management Approach (QMA)

Norfolk and Waveney’s Quality Management Approach (QMA) – how working with people and communities will impact quality, safety and patient experience

Norfolk & Waveney ICS believes in the importance of working with people and communities to implement systems that help support people to live a longer, healthier and happier life.  The overall ambition is to improve our local population services, health outcomes, and patient and staff experience; as well as providing safe, effective, accessible, sustainable and responsive care.  To do this Norfolk and Waveney is adopting a system wide Quality Management Approach (QMA).

Norfolk and Waveney ICS has chosen to place quality at the heart of how it plans, transforms, sustains and supports transformation of services.

Our core partners have collaboratively explored how quality can be woven into all that we do. The aspiration is that the ICS will be ‘quality led’ and that a day-to-day culture of quality improvement will be embedded across all local health and care. 

The service user voice has been included in the development of the system with patient leaders joining us as we plan.  The aim is to extend this involvement into a full co-production model, fully embedded in the quality system.  The aim is to improve outcomes for people with lived experience through quality feedback loops, and by bringing patient reported quality feedback to place boards and into transformation projects.

This page will be regularly updated as this process develops over time to include for example case studies and stories to show how this is working locally, resources aimed at both public and staff, and local events.  Please keep checking back here and looking out for updates on social media.  Our first case study is coming soon….

The Quality Management Approach within the Norfolk and Waveney ICS incorporates Quality planning, control and improvement, ensuring alignment with Quality Assurance. In blending these different approaches together into a single Quality System for Norfolk and Waveney, we aim to meet our goals and improve care for our service users.  Below is an introduction to the areas that together make up a Quality Management Approach:

Quality planning (QP)-quality by design.

  • Understanding the needs of the citizens a service is serving.
  • Making sure we understand the best evidence and the best possible service models.
  • Making sure we have clear priorities at every level that are aligned.
  • Having clear and simple governance arrangements.
  • Ensuring we have resources to deliver changes that focus on a few things that matter most

Quality Control (QC)-Process control

  • A set of measures to monitor service quality and performance, chosen by the team and tracked transparently in real time. Measures should be visible to all in the work setting through visible displays, encouraging dialogue with staff and service users.
  • Teams should meet regularly to discuss their data, responding to changes appropriately, with clear escalation.

Quality Improvement (QI)

  • A systematic approach, using data, to improving the quality and performance of a service that deeply involves those closest to the issue.
  • It requires a Project Team with diverse membership to collect data, develop change ideas and test their effectiveness.

Quality Assurance (QA)-Assurance/regulation

  • Occasional checks that we are providing ‘good’ quality care and meeting minimum standards.
  • Gaps can be identified, action plans written, and progress rechecked.

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