Tell us about your experience of Long Covid

12th January 2023

Healthwatch Norfolk is collecting feedback about information and support available for Long Covid in Norfolk.

They are interested in hearing from people who live in Norfolk and have experienced symptoms in the last 12 months. 

The project aims to find out:

  • What sort of help people with the condition would like
  • If they did get help, how was it?
  • If they did not access any of the services that area available, the reasons for that.

People can leave their views in a brief survey which will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Or you can call Healthwatch Norfolk on 0808 168 9669 to arrange a time for a call-back to leave your feedback by phone.

A post-Covid service is available in Norfolk for those who are suffering long-term effects after contracting it with a team of health professionals including nurses, respiratory experts, physiotherapists, and mental health experts there to help.

Healthwatch Norfolk is keen to hear from people who have used it, as well as those who have not, to feed back valuable insights and information to health leaders.