Anti-Fraud and Bribery Statement

We all have a responsibility to ensure the administration of public funds for the purpose of providing healthcare to the community we serve is carried out in an ethical manner. Fraud and Bribery have a detrimental effect and prevent us from providing the best quality services to our service users.

Zero Tolerance

NHS Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care Board’s (ICB’s) zero tolerance stance and tone is set out at the top of our organisation demonstrating that we take these threats seriously, as reflected in the Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption policy ensuring we cultivate an Anti-Fraud and Bribery culture across our whole organisation.


The ICB Board and the Senior Management Team recognises bribery is a practice that undermines the integrity of competition and the reputation of public and private bodies involved.  We will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption including those under the Bribery Act 2010 in respect of every aspect of our business.  We are committed to ensuring our employees are trained appropriately in stopping and identifying risks of Bribery and we will regularly review our training to ensure it is relevant and current.

Any act of Bribery undertaken by a member or an employee will be treated extremely seriously.

We require that all contractors instructed by the ICB demonstrate a commitment to Bribery prevention in order to conduct business with us. This is both to ensure that public funds are protected and also to give the public confidence in our procurement process.

Our zero tolerance approach towards Fraud and Bribery supports our reputation for honesty and ethical practice. To demonstrate our commitment to prevent Fraud and Bribery from affecting our organisation, we contract with TIAA Limited to help us develop and implement our Anti-fraud, and Bribery corruption prevention procedures.

The role of TIAA includes regular monitoring and review of key relevant policies and procedures.

Suspicions of fraud and bribery can be referred by staff, patients, visitors or any others in instances where the NHS may have been defrauded either internally or externally. Every report we receive will be robustly investigated. We are committed to treating those who raise concerns with respect and will not tolerate retaliation against those who make a report in good faith.

Reporting Fraud

Should you have any concerns or suspicions regarding fraud, bribery or corruption, please contact the ICB’s Counter Fraud Specialist (CFS), 0121 232 5243 / 07500 294136 and also replace or Steven Course, Executive Director of Finance.

All information received will be handled in confidence.