Digital and Data

Using digital technology and data to save lives

Across Norfolk and Waveney, the ICS is committed to investing in, and using technology, to improve your care and experience of health services. As a system, we want to offer more digital services to people with limited access and help support some of our most vulnerable communities to get online.

Working with health, care, academic, digital and research partners, we will design and deliver digital solutions which put people and their care at the heart of them.

Our vision is to develop a fully integrated digital service across Norfolk and Waveney, making more effective use of the technical expertise we already have across the region and allow our digital abilities to develop in line with advances we’re seeing globally. This drives investment into the area and increases the support available to health and care staff and the people of Norfolk and Waveney.

Using digital systems we will:

  • Enable people to access their health and care records securely, quickly and at when they want to see information or data.
  • Support clinical and strategic decision making through technology, providing health and social care organisations who deliver care to access relevant, accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Improve system wide IT services to increase safety and people’s health and care experiences whilst reducing duplication and waste.
  • Support and empower people to maintain their health and wellbeing through digital solutions.
  • Enable health and care staff and services to provide the best care in all settings, particularly via the use of mobile technology.
  • Ensure personal health and care information is kept safe and secure.
  • Invest in the infrastructure and technologies needed to help drive improvements to services and provide better care.

Our Digital Transformation Strategy

Together, we are determined to transform the way we use technology to deliver better, more personalised and easy to access care for the people of Norfolk and Waveney. Following on from the engagement and work we did to create our clinical and digital strategies, we have developed a Digital Transformation Strategic Plan and Roadmap which you can read here.

A video introducing the Digital Transformation Strategic Plan and Roadmap

An Easy Read version of the summary can be found here and the full Digital Transformation Strategic Plan and Roadmap can be found here.

Digital Health and Care Initiatives

Discover some of our digital initiatives which are improving health and care for people and communities in Norfolk and Waveney.


Our Shared Care Record (ShCR)

Learn about how we’re planning to share important health information with our clinicians and caregivers so that they can support your care effectively.

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3-Acute Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

The Acute Hospital Collaborative in Norfolk and Waveney are working towards one Electronic Patient Record to provide better joined up care.

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Norfolk and Waveney Data Hub

The Data Hub is our latest investment in technology, aimed at improving the well-being of people and communities.

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Digital Health and Social Care Team

Our Digital Health and Social Care Team supports care providers to use technology and improve care.

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Knowledge Anglia – website redevelopment

Learn about the redevelopment of the Knowledge Anglia website, which provides resources required for supporting patient care.

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Secondary Uses of Data to Improve Health and Wellbeing

In Norfolk and Waveney, we use pseudonymised health and care data for secondary analysis to help people who use healthcare services, especially those at risk and who may benefit from proactive interventions by health and care professionals. Risk stratification, a tool which categorises people based on their likelihood of needing healthcare services using historical data, aids in planning healthcare, evaluating programs, and targeting support for preventing health issues. Harnessing the power of data insights in our region provides an accurate understanding of the population’s health needs. The Integrated Care Board (ICB) receives data combining national and local data flows, linking them to perform risk profiling which ultimately drives improvements across services and the care you receive. If appropriate, healthcare providers can use this information to re-identify patients, and provide extra support when necessary. To find out more about risk stratification, read the information contained within our Privacy Notice and also via our booklet about using data to improve care.

Digital Stories

Here you can view the latest updates on our digital work across the Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System.

New health and care record system to help improve care across Norfolk and Waveney

The Norfolk and Waveney Shared Care Record (ShCR) officially launches soon as health and care organisations work together to improve care services for the people and communities across the area.  The new digital record viewing system is part…

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Green light for Norfolk and Waveney’s Acute Hospital Electronic Patient Record

The financial plan to implement Norfolk and Waveney’s three acute hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) has been approved by the three Trust Boards and NHS England. The new digital patient record solution, which will improve staff and patient …

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Norfolk County Council successfully tests LoRaWAN care tech

Norfolk County Council is entering phase two of an assistive technologies project that will make use of the LoRaWAN networking protocol. The Norfolk Assistive Technology Application for Living Independently (NATALI) project has completed a proof …

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