Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

Better Joined-Up Care at Norfolk and Waveney’s Acute Hospitals

Across the three acute hospitals in Norfolk and Waveney, we are starting one of the biggest pieces of digital transformation work we’ve ever undertaken – moving from paper-based patient records to electronic ones.

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) programme is currently at the beginning of a journey to transform how information about patients’ health and care is stored, viewed, and used within our acute hospitals.

The EPR will use cutting edge technology to create a new digital system where staff will be able to access your health and care information quickly and securely, meaning you experience quicker and better care.

Implementing a programme of this size requires wide-spread change and improvement that will see benefits for our patients and staff for many years to come.

With three large and complex acute hospital trusts across Norfolk and Waveney, we understand that people potentially receive care from different clinical services across multiple hospital locations. By bringing all IT and patient record systems together, we can provide better joined-up care wherever patients are treated.

The EPR ‘Better joined-up care’ campaign

The EPR will drive improved standards of services at our acute hospitals. With secure, immediate access to live data, the new system will give clinical staff more time to deliver higher quality, and safer care. For patients, this will mean they don’t have to remember their medical history or repeat the same information to different members of staff, making their care journey more joined-up.  

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits our EPR programme will bring:

An introduction to the acute hospital Electronic Patient Record

As our EPR journey continues, we will share updates on this webpage but you can also find out more by visiting the EPR Hub.

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