Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System

Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System


Why is research important?

Research is essential in health and social care.  It helps us to provide evidence-based improved treatment and care, helping us to find out which treatments work better and improving our understanding of how you and others experience care and what is important to you in managing your health. 

The research undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic was essential in finding out what treatments worked, developing effective vaccines, and giving us a greater understanding of how the pandemic affected individuals and society as a whole[1]

We know that hospitals that take part in research have better outcomes[2][3][4][5][6] for their patients and that patients and services not directly involved in any research themselves still benefit from being in these research-active organisations.  Evidence is also growing that this also applies to other health and care settings.   There is also an expectation via the NHS constitution that users of the NHS will be given opportunities to participate in research relevant to their care.

As an Integrated Care Board (ICB) we have duties to promote research and innovation for the benefit of our populations, and these include facilitating our partners to work together to “foster and deploy research and innovations”.

Research in Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System (ICS)

Norfolk and Waveney historically has a good track record of engagement in research.  All of our NHS Trusts take part in nationally important research, and over 60% of our general practices are regularly engaged in research.   In 21/22 over 17,000 of our residents took part in nationally important research studies across our region through their GP practice, or via one of our NHS Trusts.

How can you help?

Research cannot happen without your help. Taking part in a project may not always help you directly, but you will be helping to develop services and treatments for future generations. If you are asked to take part in a research project, please consider getting involved.

You might be invited to take part in research via your GP practice or local NHS Trust and further information about what it is like to take part in research and different ways to get involved can be found via the Be Part of Research ( national website, or through the local Research in primary care ( website.


The Norfolk and Waveney ICB Research Office

The Research Office at the Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care Board supports the ICB duties to promote research and supports research in Primary Care and out of Hospital Settings across Norfolk and Waveney as well as the wider Eastern region in collaboration with the local Clinical Research Network East of England.

More information is available on what we do can be found the Norfolk and Suffolk Primary and Community Research Office website including the work we do to support development of our research ideas with academic colleagues as well as results from research studies and quarterly research briefings.

Our office annual report for 2019-2021 can also be found via our website here.

We also support several ICB and ICS evaluations through our new pilot evidence and evaluation hub, which is a 2 year programme to support evaluations across the ICS

The Public & Patient Involvement in Research (PPIRes) project

The PPIRes project was set up by the Research Office to support public involvement in research.  We support a group of 45 PPIRes volunteers and community groups across Norfolk and Suffolk to collaborate with local researchers and health care professions working in research in Primary Care.  This involvement can include working together with research teams on developing research ideas in Primary Care through to supporting public involvement in funded health and social care research.  We also support community groups to work with Primary Care organisations to strengthen their communication and involvement in health and social care research. 

More information, including how to get involved, is available on the website.

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