Healthier communities

What does a healthy community mean to you?

Healthy communities are places where people are able to live healthy and active lives.

As an Integrated Care System (ICS), we are working to build healthier communities. We do this by helping to prevent avoidable illness and tackling the root causes of poor health to help reduce health inequalities in our communities.

Too many people are living with poor health. This impacts on the health and wellbeing of these individuals, their families, the wider community, as well as our health and care services. 

Our health is affected by a wide range of factors including our lifestyle choices and issues such as housing, poverty, education or work opportunities, and social exclusion. More ill health will be prevented and quality of life improved when health and care services can work better together to tackle the root causes of poor health.

Individuals also have a part to play in taking responsibility for reducing their risk of becoming unwell.

Prevention is about stopping poor health before it starts. Supporting our residents to live healthier lifestyles is key in helping us to deliver on the NHS Long Term Plan:

“Wider action on prevention will help people stay healthy and also moderate demand on the NHS. Action by the NHS is a complement to – not a substitute for – the important role of individuals, communities, government, and businesses in shaping the health of the nation.”

– NHS Long Term Plan

We support prevention and the development of healthy communities by:

  • Providing access to stopping smoking services
  • Supporting people to be more physically active
  • Supporting people to access a range of mental health support services early on
  • Providing access to Health Checks to identify health issues early on
  • Working with partners across the ICS to support early identification of people who are at-risk of developing long-term health conditions through our ProtectNoW programme

In this section you’ll find information on a number of campaigns and areas of work that help to support the development of healthier communities across Norfolk and Waveney:

While you wait

Find out how to get as healthy as possible whilst waiting for treatment or a procedure.

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Access cancer support services for you or your loved ones.

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Children and Young People

Get to know the services available for your children and young people.

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Reducing Health Inequalities

Learn about the work we are doing to reduce health inequalities in our areas.

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Mental health

Find out how to get the mental health support that you need.

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Learn about how we’re using technology to improve the lives of our people and communities.

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Maternity services

Find out what we are doing to improve local maternity services.

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Urgent and Emergency Care

Find out how to get the right care for your health needs, at the right place.

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Primary and Community Care

Learn about the primary and community care services in the local area.

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Find out about the research taking place across Norfolk and Waveney.

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ICS Green Plan

Learn more about sustainability and the Green Plan here.

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Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

Learn more about what continuing healthcare is and how you can access it.

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Diabetes NoW

Information on diabetes, how to live well to prevent or to manage diabetes, and the support available in Norfolk and Waveney

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Information for patients considering privately funded treatment abroad

What to consider prior to committing to agreeing to any clinical treatments with an overseas provider.

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