ICB Meetings, Events and Committees

Here you can access information about the upcoming meetings and events for the ICB and their relevant papers. Links for joining these meetings will be added below before the meeting. If you would like to ask any questions, please contact us by emailing nwicb.contactus@nhs.net before the meeting.

Each ICB Board meeting held in public includes a section on the agenda which looks at learning from our staff, people and communities, and to discuss and learn. You can view films featuring feedback from our staff, and people and communities sharing their lived experience here.

Recording of NHS Norfolk and Waveney meetings in person, in public

Until further notice, all NHS Norfolk and Waveney meetings that are in person, in public will not be live streamed or recorded. To effectively live stream these meetings and record them, new technology and streaming equipment is required and options are being explored to publish a more accurate and engaging video.

All public meetings can be accessed via the MS Teams link, published with each meeting. Virtual only meetings in public will continue to be recorded and uploaded in the normal way.

Meetings and Committees


ICB Board Meetings

The Board meets every two months to discuss key health and social care issues across Norfolk and Waveney. The meetings are held in public and additional speakers invited to contribute.

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Patients and Communities Committee

The Patient and Communities Committee reviews how NHS Norfolk and Waveney’s services are meeting the needs of our patients and communities across the region, based on engagement and feedback from local people and groups.

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Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Our Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) is responsible for making decisions about which primary care services to commission for people living, working, and visiting Norfolk and Waveney.

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