Mental Health

One in three people across the country live with a mental health condition.
This may be for many reasons including anxiety, depression, an addiction or a psychotic condition.

Improving Mental Health Services

This is an exciting time for mental health services. With more investment in support and more ways to get help for our communities.

Care and support offered by the NHS is joining up with support offered by charities, local organisations, and with services offered by the Council. There will be more choices for organising your care and support around what matters to you. There is evidence that this way of offering services means better quality of life for people living with mental health challenges. This new funding means there will be more options for people to get the right help in the right way for them.

We are working alongside service users and their families and carers, professionals, members of the voluntary sector and other stakeholders to improve mental health services.

Just B support line set up to listen to people in Norfolk and Suffolk

A new support service has been set up to listen to people who have been affected by the recently published report on mortality data and processes at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT). Just B, an independent northern charity is available to help people in Norfolk and Suffolk, and an organisation that has no connection whatsoever with services across Norfolk and Suffolk, including NSFT.

If you feel you may benefit from a confidential, supportive and compassionate space to talk through your emotions, please dial this number 01423 856799. A friendly and listening ear will be available from 8am to 8pm, any day of the week. You can read more about the service here.

Our work is focused on six commitments:


Prevention and wellbeing

Increasing our focus on prevention and wellbeing

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Support in primary care

Provinding more support for mental health issues in primary care and in your local community

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Working together

To ensure the whole system is focused on working in an integrated way to care for patients

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Improving access

Making the routes into and through mental health services clearer and easier to understand for everyone

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Support in a crisis

Providing appropriate support for those people who are in crisis

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Effective in-patient care

Ensuring effective in-patient care for those that need it most.

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Some of this work includes:

The NHS Community Mental Health Transformation

This film is a short visual walk through of the NHS Long-Term Plan commitment on community mental health transformation.