Joint Forward Plan Ambition Videos

Listen to our ambition leads talk about the work we have planned in the videos below.

Our eight ambitions are described in more detail in this section, but this is not the only work we are doing, as business as usual will continue alongside. 

As system partners we all want to use this plan because it identifies common ambitions that we can all support and will help us to drive forward improvements together. This is why we have purposely selected and made a commitment to a number of achievable, measurable and impactful improvements.

Ambition 1 – Population Health Management, Reducing Inequalities, and Prevention

Ambition 2 – Primary Care Resilience and Transformation

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Ambition 3 – Improving services for Babies, Children and Young People and developing our Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS)

Ambition 4 – Transforming Mental Health services

Ambition 5 – Transforming Care in Later Life

Ambition 6 – Improving Urgent and Emergency Care

Ambition 7 – Elective Recovery and Improvement

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Ambition 8 – Improving Productivity and Efficiency