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Executive Director of Nursing Blog: November 2023 – Tricia D’Orsi

With the colder weather well and truly upon us and as we gear up to the winter period, we do expect demand for health and care services to increase over the coming months. This is a thank you in anticipation for all that you will personally do to ke…

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Executive Medical Director Blog: November 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

Firstly, I would encourage you all to read the Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2023: health in an ageing society by Chris Whitty. This is really useful in drawing attention to the issues facing the NHS across the whole country and particularly…

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Executive Medical Director Blog: October 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

We have endured another round of Industrial Action this month and yet again, we have seen many staff working differently, doing things they would not normally do and stepping into different environments and departments. This has been an incredibly c…

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Executive Director of Nursing Blog: October 2023 – Tricia D’Orsi

I’ve taken a short break with my monthly blog so it’s good to get started again. I fractured my shoulder and then unfortunately had a close unexpected family bereavement. I’ve been using services myself over recent months in ways I wasn’t expecti…

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Executive Medical Director Blog: September 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

After what feels like a really challenging summer, we are now planning and preparing for autumn and winter, which we know is always an incredibly busy time for health and care services. I know for many of you it will feel like there hasn’t been any …

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Executive Medical Director Blog: August 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

Can you believe we are in August already? The sheer volume of work and activity we continue to deal with is huge and I think this is one of the reasons why this year appears to be flying by so fast. In this month’s blog, I want to focus on three …

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Executive Medical Director Blog: July 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

This month marks the first anniversary of the ICB and this year marks the 75th anniversary of the NHS! So, I want to reflect on the progress we have made together so far with the system wide Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Strategy. Before our ICS l…

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Executive Director of Nursing Blog: June 2023 – Tricia D’Orsi

Dear colleagues, This month I begin my blog addressing some of the improvements recently identified in our system for which my team and the ICB will be supporting the trusts involved through implementing recommendations and action plans. Last …

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Executive Medical Director Blog: June 2023 – Dr Frankie Swords

The weather is hotting up and our system remains incredibly pressured. Thank you to everyone across our Norfolk and Waveney health and care system for all your continued hard work and commitment. I’d like to focus this month on the forthcoming in…

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