Strategic Frameworks

Ageing Well Strategic Framework

Ambition 5 of our Joint Forward Plan is to transform care in later life. It is imperative that we support our increasingly ageing population and enable them to experience the best possible quality of life, and to maintain their independence for as long as practicable.
To do this, we have developed a shared mission, vision and strategic framework informed by the evidence base, our local data, and the views of older people who live in Norfolk and Waveney and those who work or volunteer across health and care in our Integrated Care System.

Population Health Management Strategy

Population Health Management (PHM) is a way of working, delivering care in a proactive rather than reactive way. Using local knowledge and linked-up data, we can accurately target support, care, and services to those who need it or will benefit from it the most. In this way we can focus on preventing ill-health and addressing health inequalities and make the biggest impact on improving health outcomes.

This strategy sets out our vision for PHM in Norfolk and Waveney for the next 5 years, our working principles and data-driven priorities for action and how we will deliver them, to improve health and reduce health inequalities for our residents.