Clinical and Care Professional Leadership Programme

Overview of the Clinical and Care Professional Leadership Programme in Norfolk and Waveney

In September 2021, National Guidance ‘Building Strong Integrated Care Systems Everywhere: ICS Implementation Guidance on Effective Clinical and Care Professional Leadership‘ was published setting out two expectations and five core principles for effective system Clinical and Care Professional (CCP) Leadership.

These expectations include the development of a system CCP Framework and Plan, as well as ensuring our CCPs are involved and invested in the vision, purpose and work of the Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System.  

The five principles underpinning this work are: 

Principles:1. Integrate our clinical and care professionals in decision-making at every level of the ICS  2. Create a culture of shared learning, collaboration and innovation, working alongside patients and local communities    3. Ensure our clinical and care professional leaders have appropriate resources to carry out their system role(s) 4. Identify, recruit and create a pipeline of clinical and care professional leaders 5. Provide dedicated leadership development for all clinical and care professionals

NHS England Clinical and Care Leadership Lowdown Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast from NHSE where they are deep diving into principles one and two of the five design principles for effective Clinical and Care Professional Leadership as set out in the guidance.

Click the play button below to listen.

Further information

For more information about the Clinical and Care Professional Leadership Programme and what this means for Norfolk and Waveney, please view our information pack.

What follows are resources for use by our system clinical and care leaders. It includes some specific learning sources and courses that you might find of interest.

Education Hub

Here health and care staff can find learning resources for each of our 4 programmes

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Our journey and manifesto

Find out more about our journey so far and our commitments.

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Our learning approach

Our learning approach is based around the commitment to lifelong professional learning and development.

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Future plans

Discover our next steps for the programme.

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Specialty Advisors and Locality Leads

Having Speciality Advisors and Locality Leads ensure that committed clinical and care professionals at the heart of decision making.

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The Integrator Newsletter

Read the latest updates in our Clinical and Care Professional Newsletter

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