Clinical and Care Professional Specialty Advisors and Locality Leads – Norfolk and Waveney

Following a robust recruitment process and in line with our Clinical and Care Professional (CCP) Leadership Manifesto, NHS Norfolk and Waveney has now recruited a team of Clinical and Care Professional (CCP) Speciality Advisors.

We are determined to put more of our talented and committed clinical and care professionals at the heart of our decision making at every level of our system, to lead the transformation of our health and care services. 

These roles specifically focus on addressing inequalities and support the eight system wide priorities outlined in the early draft of the Norfolk and Waveney Joint Forward Plan:

  • Transforming Mental Health Services
  • Improving Urgent and Emergency Care
  • Elective Recovery and Improvement 
  • Primary Care Resilience and Transformation 
  • Improving Productivity & Efficiency 
  • Population Health Management, Reducing Inequalities and Supporting Prevention
  • Improving Services for Babies, Children, Young People and Maternity
  • Transforming Care in later life

The roles will also strengthen our collective CCP leadership for each place across Norfolk and Waveney, as well as each strand of the CORE20PLUS5 agenda.

Confirmed CCP Leadership roles are as follows

NameRole appointed to  
Dr David McConnell  Locality Lead – East
Dr Ge Yu  Locality Lead – South
Dr James Gair  Locality Lead – North
Mrs Tracy Williams  Locality Lead – Norwich  
Dr Imran Ahmed  Locality Lead – West
Dr Jeanine Smirl  Primary Care CCP Lead
Dr Ed TurnhamChief Clinical Information Officer  
Dr Clare Hambling  Population Health Management        
Dr Emily Clark  Population Health Management  
Mrs Tracy WilliamsInclusion Health and Health Inequalities    
Dr Titilopemi Oladosu  Hypertension case finding and cardiovascular disease  
Dr Zena Aldridge  Frailty, Older people and Dementia  
Dr Pippa-Louise Harrold  Elective and Planned Care  
Dr Daryl Freeman  Respiratory
Dr Andrew Lloyd Douglass  Prescribing and Medicines Optimisation  
Dr Andrew Lloyd Douglass  Elective and Planned Care
Dr Ian Hume  Cancer
Dr Clare Hambling  Diabetes and Obesity   
Dr Caroline Barry  Palliative and End of Life Care
Mr Callum Metcalfe-O’Shea  Elective and Planned Care
Dr Lindy-Lee Folscher  Urgent and Emergency care
Dr Ardyn Ross  Mental Health Transformation  
Mr Richard SmithMaternity and Babies  
To be confirmed  Children and Young People
Dr Maria KarettiAutism and Learning Difficulties

Dr Frankie Swords, Executive Medical Director, NHS Norfolk and Waveney, said: “I am thrilled to have appointed some exceptional candidates into these vital Clinical and Care Professional Leadership roles, supporting all our system wide priorities.

“It’s vital that the CCP voice is heard at all levels of decision making across our health and care system. Not only to ensure that vital clinical view is included, but our collective professions and specialities are able to work together to help people in Norfolk and Waveney lead longer, healthier and happier, lives.