Executive Director of Nursing Blog: February 2024 – Tricia D’Orsi

21st February 2024

I’m sure many of you will have heard the King’s recent announcement that he has been diagnosed with cancer. As a result, the NHS has seen a huge rise in people seeking information about the condition and latest figures reveal that, in the 24 hours following the Buckingham Palace announcement, visits to the NHS England webpage on cancer signs and symptoms increased by 51%.

Cancer can affect us all and this shows the importance of having conversations which could potentially save a life. We wish him all the best with his recovery.

Meanwhile, measles cases continue to rise in the UK and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has now declared a national incident. Please be vigilant when it comes to measles symptoms as it is highly infectious.

Children’s Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination status can be checked through their Red Book, contacting the Community and School Age Immunisation Service or via their GP practice team. Adults can check their vaccination status with their GP practice team.

We have been working with Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust to arrange additional childhood vaccination clinics and GP practices may direct people to one of these sessions. For more information about symptoms, checking your status and childhood clinics, visit the measles webpage on the ICS website.

This month we have received the fantastic news that six trusts in our system have now been awarded the National Preceptorship Interim Quality Mark Award. Preceptorship helps newly qualified practitioners have the best possible start to their careers and is also there to support those returning to the profession and international recruits.

This award shows the commitment of NNUH, NSFT, NCH&C, QEH and JPUH and ECCH in recruiting, retaining and supporting staff in our profession.

Finally, I recently met with Callum Metcalfe-O’Shea, who works part-time for the ICB as Clinical Lead for elective care and diabetes, alongside his clinical role. Please do reach out to Callum (callum.metcalfe-oshea@nhs.net), or other ICB colleagues if you are working in the system and have ideas for how we can improve health and care for local people in Norfolk and Waveney. We really want to hear from you and work with you.

Kind regards,

Tricia D’Orsi

Executive Director of Nursing

NHS Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System