Network of Escalation Avoidance Teams (NEAT) Privacy Notice

5th June 2023

How we use your information

To enable us to identify and deliver your health and social care needs, we must keep records about you, your health and the care we have planned to provide for you.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal data

We will use your information to:

  • Assess your health and social care needs and help others provide treatment.
  • Help you make good decisions about your health.
  • Help staff treat and support you in the future by maintaining your medical and social care records

Where it is necessary for your health and care, we will share relevant information with other organisations. These include Health, Social Care, Housing, Voluntary organisations and Charities. We may refer you to other organisations and will tell you when we do this.

When we ask you for your personal information, we promise:

  • To tell you why we need it
  • Only ask for what we need and collect relevant information
  • To make sure that access is restricted to those who need it for the delivery of your care
  • Not to keep the information for longer than necessary.

What Information do we hold?

We will hold the following types of information about you:

  • Name, date of birth, and contact details
  • NHS Number
  • Next of Kin
  • Details of your medical history, health and social care needs

Information sharing

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of services, we may need to share information with other health and social care providers, public bodies or integrated care boards. However, we will not share this information unless:

  • It is necessary for your health or care and it is lawful to share it
  • A formal court order has been served on us
  • We are required to assist the police in the prevention and detection of crime;
  • We must share your information to protect children and vulnerable adults
  • We have special permission for health research purposes (granted by the Health Research Authority); or
  • Information is required for the health and safety of the wider population, for example in the event of a pandemic.

Information rights

  • You have the right to object to us collecting or sharing your information;
  • You have a right to ask for a copy of the information we hold;
  • You have a right to ask questions or complain about the way we use your information.

For more information about these and other information rights, please contact your local health and care provider.

Please note that only information relating to you will be disclosed.

Further information

This notice does not give a full explanation of the law. If it does not answer your questions, you would like more detailed information or you wish to know more about any information that is held about you as a patient, please contact your local health care provider.