New Mental Health workforce plan sets out the vision for Norfolk and Waveney to be the best place to work

21st October 2022

We’ve launched our Mental Health Workforce Plan for Norfolk and Waveney which sets out our vision for Norfolk & Waveney to be the best place to work.

The plan is based on four priorities which will ensure we have happy, healthy staff providing excellent compassionate care.

Priority 1 – Creating new opportunities for our people

We’ll introduce new roles and competency-based career paths. Develop flexible rotational or joint roles working with education partners. And placements in the voluntary sector and opportunities for portfolio careers.

Priority 2 – Promoting good health and wellbeing

We’ll coproduce agreed staffing models to deliver safe, high-quality cost-effective care and take action to address racism and microaggressions from patients/carers.

Priority 3 – Creating a positive and inclusive culture

We’ll take action to improve equality, diversity & inclusion and promote the anti-racism strategy. Create leadership development programmes and provide access to team and individual coaching.

Priority 4 – Maximising the skills of our people

We’ll develop a collaborative training offer for communities, patients/carers, people working in mental health and volunteers, and we’ll create a Children and Young People mental health academy.

As a health and care system, we will all work together to make Norfolk and Waveney the best place to work and ensure people can live as healthy a life as possible.

You can read the full plan on the WeCareTogether website