NHS Health Checks

11th November 2022

Purpose: To increase uptake of the Public Health (PH) commissioned NHS Health Checks, to spot early signs of strokekidney diseaseheart diseasetype 2 diabetes and dementia.

How does it work? Protect NoW Virtual Support Team will send SMS and call patients to encourage health check uptake.

What is the cohort? If you’re aged 40 to 74 and do not have a pre-existing health condition, you should be invited to an NHS Health Check by your GP or local council every 5 years.

Outcomes: NHS England advise that:

  • there is robust evidence that medical treatment substantially reduces the risk of life changing events such as heart attack, stroke and dementia.
  • the programme is achieving its objective of tackling health inequalities – people from the most deprived populations are at least as likely to have the check as people in affluent communities, addressing early concerns that only the ‘worried well’ would be attracted.
  • only half of all people invited for the NHS Health Check take up the offer. Increasing uptake must be a priority if we are to maximise the programme’s potential for preventing premature death and disability.”