Annual Reviews – what checks you should expect

If you are living with diabetes, you are entitled to annual reviews to help provide the care you need

For those living with type 2, annual reviews are provided by your GP practice, and for those living with type 1, you can be seen by your GP practice but also at the hospital. 

•After the coronavirus pandemic, many routine appointments like your annual diabetes review were cancelled or postponed. We know this may be worrying, but you should be able to reschedule these. It’s important that the doctor or team responsible for your diabetes care keep you updated on what to expect right now and explain when your next review will be. If you haven’t had an appointment at all for diabetes care in the last 12-18 months or have questions, contact them to find out more.

•During your annual review, you should expect to have the following tests:

  • Blood Test (HbA1c, Cholesterol and Kidney Function)
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Check
  • Urine Check
  • Smoking Status
  • Eye Screening
  • Foot Check

•Keep taking your medication and speak to your local pharmacist if you have questions..

•If you can, weigh yourself at home and keep a record that you can share with your diabetes team.