Sex Workers / Exploited Women

Some people engage in sex work to earn a living. There are varying aspects to sex work; those who choose to make a career in sex work out of many viable options to the other end of spectrum for individuals who are trafficked or forced to sell sex against their will. Most people fall somewhere in the middle: they sex work because it is the best out of limited options, or a means to an end. Regardless of the reason someone does sex work, they deserve rights, access to services, and to have all their basic needs met. It’s also important to recognise that while sex work is work, sex work isn’t necessarily ‘just like’ any other work as there is stigma associated with it creates particular risks and barriers for these individuals.

Sex workers are likely to experience poor health because of the risks associated with their work. Despite frequent use of health services, a comparatively low percentage have had routine health checks such as cervical screening or attend antenatal checks when pregnant.

Services which can support these groups:

Doorway Women’s Services/ Magdalene Group – Contact Doorways on T: 0808 800 1030

Contact the Magdalene group on T: 01603 610256 or E: (Norwich)

Leeway – Contact Leeway for referrals and general enquiries on E: or T: 0300 561 0077 (Norfolk wide)

Sue Lambert Trust -For advice and support contact Sue Lambert Trust on T: 01603 622406 or E: (Norfolk wide)

Spurgeon’s – Norwich Connect – Contact Spurgeon’s on T: 01603 628122 or E: (Norwich).