Veterans and Armed Forces Community Awareness Training

This programme of training and development is aimed at social prescribers, health and wellbeing coaches and care coordinators but is open to anyone within Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System (ICS) who wishes to become more familiar with the challenges and experiences faced by Veterans and the Armed Forces Community.  It also aims to show how people working in frontline roles can help to identify them and signpost them to the services available to them that understand their needs.

How to take part

To undertake the programme of training first complete the pre-training survey and the e-learning module, and then watch the recording of the Teams training session. Links to both of these are available below. On completion of these tasks take the post-training survey. You will then be sent a certificate and invite to a live follow-up session.

Pre-training survey – what do you know already?

Anyone interested in taking part in the programme is asked to complete a pre-training survey which can be access can be accessed on this Microsoft form. This will help us measure current levels of awareness around supporting Veterans and the Armed Forces Community.  It also helps us monitor the effectiveness of the programme when compared with the post-training survey.

Programme content – what will you learn?

The programme will increase awareness and understanding across a wide range of areas related to veterans and the armed forces community outlined below.

At the end of this training, you should expect:

  • To understand the Armed Forces Covenant and principle of due regard – more information is available in the statutory guidance.
  • To understand what veteran status means and how it should be documented.
  • To understand veterans’ health needs and health behaviours in transition and through their civilian life – more information is available on the Norfolk Insight website.
  • To understand the ‘no disadvantage’ ‘duty of due regard’ and ‘priority treatment’ NHS principles for veterans and the Armed Forces Community
  • To understand and be able to signpost resources which are available to help veterans with mental health problems
  • To understand what makes Service life unique – unlimited liability, mobility and separation (deployment and training) and how these impact on families
  • To appreciate issues faced by Service families when accessing health and social care
  • To be aware of how professionals and services can reduce disadvantage for Service families and overcome these issues
  • Identify and signpost resources which are available to help service families available from Service charities and organisations

The ‘Social Prescribing and the Armed Forces Community’ module on the e-Learning for Healthcare website can be accessed as some useful preparatory learning before joining our training.

We will offer a one-hour veterans aware training session on Teams open to all. A recording of the first training session can be found on our YouTube page.

Further live sessions will be delivered should demand require it.

We will offer a one-hour follow-up drop-in session to explore experiences and answer any questions.  This will be chaired by Andy Griffiths, Deputy Medical Director, and Armed Forces Covenant lead, NHS Norfolk and Waveney ICB.  It will also be supported by members of the ICB Armed Forces Covenant Working Group. Dates to be confirmed soon.

The main take home message will ensure you ‘Remember your ABC’:

  • Ask the question: “Have you ever served?”
  • Benefits: Understand the opportunities that exist when identifying a member of the Armed Forces Community particularly in relation to mental health support.
  • Code: add a specific code to their record or file.  If your organisation doesn’t offer that opportunity find one that does or contact NHS Norfolk and Waveney ICB for support  This is a basic requirement of showing due regard so that they and their families can systematically get the support they need.  It also helps us build a more accurate picture of our local armed forces community.

What else can you do?

Download the Forces Connect App

Post-training survey and follow-up session

To receive a training certificate, it is necessary to complete a post-training questionnaire. The post-training survey can be accessed on this Microsoft form.