Prescribing treatment for Hypoglycaemia in Norfolk and Waveney

17th March 2023

The NHS in Norfolk and Waveney has long standing guidelines on the treatment of hypoglycaemia which were last reviewed in September 2021 and are in line with national recommendations. These guidelines have not changed. Recommendations from NICE and Diabetes UK suggest the following ways to treat an episode of hypoglycaemia:

  • five glucose or dextrose tablets
  • five jelly babies
  • a small glass of a sugary (non-diet) drink
  • a small carton of pure fruit juice
  • two tubes of a glucose gel such as GlucoGel®.

These items are readily available and can be purchased from local supermarkets, pharmacies or online.

Glucose gels and glucagon injections are available on prescription for Type 1 diabetes hypoglycaemia episodes if deemed clinically appropriate. Other products available to purchase are not supported locally under NHS prescription, including glucose Lift drinks shots and glucose or dextrose tablets, which are available over the counter.

We are aware that glucose Lift drinks shots have been prescribed by general practice in the past and we will be working with colleagues to ensure that treatment prescribed for Type 1 diabetes hypoglycaemia falls in line with our prescribing recommendations going forward.

A link to Norfolk and Waveney’s recommendations on the management of an acute episode of hypoglycaemia can be found here.