Smoke Free in Pregnancy

23rd March 2023


There is a lot of information about how harmful smoking is to us all. We know it is also dangerous for unborn babies. At present Norfolk’s smoking at the time of delivery (SATOD) rate is higher than the national average. A key focus of Norfolk’s Tobacco Control Strategy is to focus on priority groups, which include pregnant women. A focus on these groups also aligns with Norfolk County Council’s (NCC) delivery of the FLOURISH public health pledge to protect children.

Project Overview:

The Protect NoW team will contact pregnant smokers and encourage them to access services that are equipped to help them to stop smoking. It is anticipated that this will decrease the risk of complications during and after pregnancy for mother and baby.

The project will firstly be piloted in West Norfolk from March 2023 and will be reviewed after 3 months to understand the impacts on engagement, with a look to roll out in other areas of Norfolk, if successful.

Identified pregnant smokers in West Norfolk will receive a letter from Protect NoW, in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Smokefree Norfolk, which will outline the benefits of stopping smoking and the support available. An Easy Read version is also included.

Protect NoW will follow up the letters with a phone call to provide additional support to support those motivated to quit smoking and facilitate their referral for support.