Digital and Data Project: Maternity and Neonatal Dashboard


It was recognised in order to provide a safe and quality focused service, there was a need for a suite of Maternity and Neonatal dashboards, at both an Integrated Care System (ICS) and trust level, to provide timely, clear, accessible, and accurate data.

Working alongside a company called ‘Ethical’, trust Digital midwives and BI teams collaborative work is underway developing and expanding the suite of dashboards to include clinical metrics, outcome metrics and education / training metrics.

Expected Outcomes

To provide a suite of dashboards at an ICS and trust level hosted on the PowerBI platform, with the data presented within SPC charts accurately and timely.

Successes so far

The project is still in the infancy however, successes so far include.

  • A live dashboard is available to all organisations based within Norfolk and Waveney who have got access to the PowerBI platform.