Digital and Data

What is the workstream?

Advancements in Digital technology are influencing how Maternity and Neonatal care is being delivered.

Digital tools can be used to transform the care being provided to pregnant persons and their family, drive safety, ensure a good maternity experience and ensure the patient remains at the centre of everything we do.  However, this transformative work requires a specialist workforce who can support midwives and maternity teams to develop the skills and knowledge required to push this work forward.

Digital and data is the golden thread, which runs through all maternity transformation, supporting the aim of improving experience and quality of care; by supporting digital advancements, which will change the way services are delivered.  Including, easier sharing and access of patient records by other health professionals and patients. Enabling patients to make a more informed decision about the care they wish to receive.

The digital and data workstream encourages collaborative working across.

  • The James Paget University Hospital
  • The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Primary Care

What are the goals and deliverables?

The digital and data workstream goals and deliverables have been established and are based on the actions set out in the ‘Three Year Delivery Plan for Maternity and Neonatal services’ published March 2023.

The three-year plan clearly outlines a series of actions for trusts, Integrated Care Boards (ICBS) and NHSE, which are needed to improve safety and quality of maternity and neonatal services.


Within the plan the actions are grouped into four themes, with set objectives for each theme, with Objective 12 focusing on digital technologies.

Theme 1: Listening to and working with women and families with compassion


  • Care that is personalised
  • Improve equity for mothers and babies
  • Work with service users to improve care

Theme 2: Growing, retaining and supporting our workforce


  • Grow our workforce
  • Value and retain our workforce
  • Invest in skills

Theme 3: Developing and sustaining a culture of safety, learning and support


  • Develop a positive safety culture
  • Learning and improving
  • Support and oversight

Theme 4: Standards and structures that underpin safer, more personalised, and more equitable care

  • Standards to ensure best practice
  • Data to inform learning
  • Make better use of digital technology in maternity and neonatal services.


Over the next three years the digital and data workstream will work collaboratively with colleagues from the ICB and the three acute trusts Digital midwives and their teams to provide the following deliverables, which are outlined within the three-year plan.

ICB Deliverables

  • Have a digital strategy, where possible procure one system wide to improve standardisation and interoperability.
  • Lead on collaborative work, including the production of a local quality dashboard showing data at both a system and trust level.
  • Use data available to compare outcomes against other areas, to understand variation and areas where improvement is required.
  • Support women to set out their personalised care and support plan through digital means, monitoring uptake and feedback.

Trusts’ Deliverables

  • Have an implemented Digital Maternity Strategy and road map which is in line with the ‘What Good Look Like’ (WGLL) framework.
  • Review available data to highlight themes and trends as well as areas of concern, enabling timely work to be completed to address and rectify issues.
  • Procure an EPR system – where that is not already being managed by the ICB – that complies with national specifications and standards, including the Digital Maternity Record Standard and the Maternity Services Data Set and can be updated to meet maternity and neonatal module specifications as they develop.

To achieve the goals and deliverables the digital and data workstream has been split in five categories, each category then has individual projects whose aim is to meet the deliverables set out in the three-year plan.

Digital and Data Workstream Projects

  • Culture: Digital Reflection Tool
  • Personalisation: Maternity Connect Digital Gifting, Digitalising PCSP, Patient Portal
  • Data: Maternity Dashboard
  • Digital: Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Shared Care Health Record (SCHR)
  • BaU: Maternity Digital Strategy

Key documents

Maternity Drivers:  

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Maternity and Neonatal Dashboard

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Maternity and Neonatal Digital Strategies

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Maternity GP Electronic Pregnancy Notification

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Community Midwife Clinical Record Viewer access via SystmOne

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mPHR – maternity Patient Health Record – maternity patient portal

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