Digital and Data Project: mPHR – maternity Patient Health Record

Project outline

NHS Long Term Plan states that ’Every woman to have access to their digital care record’.

The LMNS is working to ensure that every mother/ childbearing person has access to their own personal maternity digital record.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Kings Lynn, currently achieves this goal via the Badgernet maternity app. With good update from mothers/childbearing people.

The LMNS is therefore seeking to level up access across Norfolk and Norwich and James Paget -Great Yarmouth Hospitals.

Expected outcomes

Benefits to Service Users:

  • Improving overall experiences & building trusted relationships
  • Greater visibility, control & understanding of personal health – Digital Personalised Care Plans
  • Access to trusted information with increased ownership & a better, safer care experience
  • Greater uptake in planned care, with critical gestational reminders around screening, immunisations & appointments during pregnancy
  • Ability to access clinically assured information at any time
  • Opportunity to identify mistakes & make corrections
  • More time available to provide direct care because of a reduced administrative burden.
  • Process efficiencies – the reduction of admin time for clinical professionals which releases more time to care
  • Financial efficiencies – the removal of paper based maternity notes (pregnancy folders, printing charts and educational leaflets) leading to a cost reduction of stationary
  • Increased service user satisfaction
  • Improved outcomes for mums and babies
  • Improving professional experience and staff satisfaction.
  • MSDS compliance – Personalised Care Plans.

Project successes so far

This important project remains with Trust and Supplier to formalise a timeline for this programme of work