Support for People Living with Dementia

2nd April 2024

Purpose: To contact patients of participating GP Practices who are coded as living with dementia.

Objective: To complete an initial triage call with the patient/and or their identified carer or person with Power of Attorney. This aims to establish whether the patient living with dementia would like a telephone or face to face discussion with our District Council or Norfolk County Council partners around non-clinical interventions to support their health and wellbeing and their carers.

Method: Protect NoW Colleagues will work with a small project group to agree the list of triage questions and a script containing the types of advice, information and practical interventions the patient or their carer will be able to receive should they wish to participate.  Protect NoW will make the initial call and then pass the information back to the relevant Practice Manager.  The Practice Manager will share under existing Information sharing agreements and protocols with their District or Borough Council, or Norfolk County Council.