The importance of having your say in the Norwich general practice services consultation

26th January 2023

NHS Norfolk and Waveney is running a public consultation on options for the future of several general practice services in Norwich.

The Walk-in Centre (WiC), Vulnerable Adults Service – Inclusion Health Hub (VAS), and GP Practice on Rouen Road are currently provided under one contract that will expire in March 2024. NHS Norfolk and Waveney is consulting with the public at this early stage to gain the public’s views to inform the decision and help shape how services are delivered in future.

Following two rounds of engagement work in 2022, NHS Norfolk and Waveney has outlined three possible options and is seeking the public to share their views on these, as well as to suggest other ways that general practice services could be delivered in the area.

Option 1 – keep the VAS, GP practice, and WiC (no change)

Option 2 – keep the VAS and GP practice, and close the WiC

Option 3 – keep the VAS and GP practice. Use the same amount of money that is currently invested in services at the WiC and redesign it so that services could be offered in a different way across Norwich.

A full review of background information, explanation of why these services are being considered, and advantages and disadvantages of each option are provided in the consultation document.

Everyone is being encouraged to read the consultation document and share their views using the online survey.

Sadie Parker, Director of Primary Care at NHS Norfolk and Waveney, said “This consultation is an opportunity to look at the investment in healthcare services that are currently provided and think about what the best option for these services might look like in the future. Is it to keep what we have, or make changes? If we make changes, where and how would you like to see services provided?

Public feedback is important at this early stage to help us plan and design services that meet people’s needs and support the health and wellbeing of people across all our communities.

We want to provide services that best meet patients’ needs, are best value for taxpayer’s money, and which create equity of access to care for everyone, including communities whose health needs are not always being met.

These considerations are important to make sure that general practice services are meeting the needs of local people now, and in the future. We will be listening very carefully to what local people are saying, so please get involved.”

NHS Norfolk and Waveney is keen to hear the views of public, patients, healthcare professionals, and any interested parties to provide a sound database of information that will be used to inform the outcome of the consultation. All views and ideas about how healthcare services could be delivered are welcome.