The first Research and Innovation strategy for Norfolk and Waveney

31st May 2023

The Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System (ICS) has published its first research and innovation strategy. Research has a central role to play in providing the evidence we need so we can improve services and quality of care. It can also help to reduce unfair differences in health outcomes experienced by some people in Norfolk and Waveney. Innovations can transform how people receive care, for example by allowing them to be monitored in their own home rather than stay in hospital.

The strategy was developed through a series of collaborative workshops which bought together patients and the public with organisations from across the Norfolk and Waveney system. During these workshops four principles were agreed on. These state that research and innovation will be:

  • Focused on our communities
  • Driven by a confident and capable workforce
  • Collaborative and coordinated
  • Embedded in everything we do as a system

We will work together over the next 5 years to embed these principles so that research and innovation contributes to our population living happier and healthier lives.

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Research and Innovation Strategy (pdf, 1.04 MB) (1289 downloads)