Integrated Care Systems – Success Criteria and Culture – an insight into the global evidence base for achieving successful approaches to integrating care

Video summary

The presentation discussed the critical topic of clinical and care professional empowerment and engagement within Integrated Care Systems (ICS). Mike, the speaker, highlighted key points:

  • Demonstrated Strategies: Mike presented strategies employed worldwide that have led to a 20% improvement in healthcare outcomes or efficiency savings, which are relevant to the current challenges facing ICS.
  • ICB and ICP Roles: The presentation emphasized the roles of the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) in setting priorities and delegation within healthcare organizations.
  • Sovereignty and Decision-Making: The discussion touched upon the need for sovereignty and shared decision-making not only between healthcare organizations but also within individual practices and community services.
  • Organizational Challenges: The presentation recognized challenges in structuring ICS, including the deployment of CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) staff and the alignment of different governance units.
  • Geographic Complexity: The speaker acknowledged the complexities associated with the geographical flow of patients and the importance of aligning missions, outcomes, incentives, and financial flows within ICS.
  • Clinical and Care Professional Leadership: The presentation concluded by emphasizing the pivotal role of unlocking the potential of clinical and care professional leaders in achieving success within ICS.

In summary, the presentation provided valuable insights into addressing healthcare challenges through clinical and care professional empowerment within the framework of Integrated Care Systems.

Video timeline

01:30 Teams expand access
16:51 The Canterbury Model
19:28 Unwarranted clinical variation
24:15 Lean management in sepsis
25:18 Using AI to risk assess to score risk of hospitalisation
29:17 Inpatient clinical procedures will change – robotic surgery
30:40 Personalised Medicine and Genomic medicine
35:08 How are we doing – common themes across 15 ICS’s
36:30 ICS Success Criterion
38:28 ICS development challenges
42:43 Discussion