Integrated Care Systems – What is an ICS

Integrated Care Systems – What is an ICS – an insight into the Health and Social Care Act, requirements for an ICS and N+W ICS progress so far, vision, clinical strategy, current governance structures

Video summary

The presentation begins with gratitude for attendees and introduces the speaker’s background as a former NHS chief executive with extensive experience in healthcare management. The speaker mentions working as a consultant supporting NHS leaders, especially within integrated care systems (ICS) during the pandemic.
The main focus of the presentation is on leadership development programs and masterclasses designed to align with ICS and Integrated Care Board (ICB) approaches. The speaker emphasizes the critical role of clinical and care professional leadership in driving healthcare transformation within ICS.
Key points covered include:

  • The hypothesis that the creation of integrated care systems can empower the healthcare system to deliver care more efficiently and effectively.
  • The importance of clinical and care professional leaders being actively involved in shaping healthcare changes.
  • The need to provide skills and capabilities to clinical professionals, enabling them to participate effectively in meetings and decision-making processes.
  • The historical challenge of healthcare investment and the importance of demand management and clinical involvement.

Overall, the presentation highlights the significance of empowering clinical and care professionals to lead and drive change within the healthcare system.

Video timeline

0:03 Introduction
02:25 Intent of the Programme
07:10 Why is change needed.
10:12 Eight effective strategies for addressing current challenges.
21:00 Key messages and lessons from elsewhere
21:30 Challenges