Social Care Challenges and Changes

Video timeline
A Discussion on Health System Transformation and Social Care Leadership 0:03
Understanding the Relationship between Social Care and Healthcare 2:50
Understanding the Almaratte Declaration of Health and its Implications on Social Health 5:47
The Mismatch between Local Government and NHS Delivery of Services: A Discussion 9:29
Discussing the Importance and Potential of Social Care 13:27
Discussing the Importance and Challenges of Social Care 15:40
Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Local Authority Spending Power and Social Care 21:50
The Impact of COVID-19 on Local Business and Social Care Funding 23:16
Discussing the Challenges and Solutions for Social Care Funding in Local Governments 25:14
Discussing the Challenges and Future of Social Care Funding and Access 28:38
Exploring the Future of Social Care and Health 32:07
Discussing the Impact of Integrated Care Systems on Social Health and Healthcare 36:24
Discussing the Importance of Budgeting, Local Government, and Change in Health and Social Care 38:28
Discussing the Importance of Social Health in Healthcare Systems 43:09
Discussing the Challenges and Importance of Integrated Social Care 45:21
The Evolution and Challenges of Community Pharmacies 47:28