EDI Podcasts & Blogs

Welcome to the podcasts and blogs section of our EDI Resource Hub. Here you can find a selection of audio podcast episodes and written blogs/articles from a variety of sources, all discussing the important elements of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in and out of the workplace.


Hidden Disabilities Podcast

To mark Disability History Month, Shimul Haider (Head of EDI) is in conversation with Lesley Ford, Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurse at Norfolk Community Health & Care Trust. Listen to Shimul & Lesley as they discuss hidden disabilities and how best we can support those living with them, in the workplace.

LGBTI+: Pride and support at work | Acas

Do all employers take pride in their people? In this episode Acas focus on the importance of organisations supporting their LGBTI+ communities and what practical steps they can take to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Black Lives Matter: The workplace | Acas

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought ingrained racism to the foreground.

This podcast from Acas looks at:

  • how racism and inequality are experienced and persist
  • what white people need to do to be part of change
  • what intersectionality is and why it matters
  • what organisations and leaders need to do to be responsible for change
  • how investing and committing to equality benefits everyone

Allyship: Positively moving the conversation of gender equality forward | Acas

In this episode, Acas head of diversity and inclusion, Julie Dennis, and co-founder of Utopia and Token Man, Daniele Fiandaca, explore the topic of allyship for gender equality. 

Acas discusses:

  • what it means to be an effective ally
  • achieving gender equity at work
  • how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has influenced gender roles
  • how employers can help men become better allies


We want you to know that we care and that you matter to us

Read this EDI blog post from Norfolk and Waveney ICS Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Shimul Haider.

From bystanders to activists

Read this blog post from Dr Giles Thorpe, Chief Nurse and Director of Infection Prevention and Control for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.