Neonatal Project: GIRFT Getting It Right First Time

What is the project?

The GIRFT neonatology review follows NHS England’s Neonatal Critical Care Transformation Review (NCCR), which published an action plan in December 2019 focused on aligning and investing in capacity, developing the expert neonatal workforce andimproving the experience for families. The GIRFT review provides more granular detail on progress in these areas (see alsoGIRFT’s Neonatology Workforce Report), as well as exploring new areas for improving clinical care and patient safety.

What are the expected outcomes of the project?

  • Strengthening networks and transport services
  • Improving patient pathways
  • Optimising clinical outcomes for preterm infants
  • Reducing patient harm due to medication errors
  • Pulse oximetry screening
  • Improving family experiences

Supporting documents