Workforce Project: Safety Culture

What is the project?

As per Objective 7 in the Three-Year Delivery Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Services: Develop a positive Safety Culture, the LMNS aims to ensure there is a positive safety culture in every maternity and neonatal service, where everyone takes responsibility for safer care and learning, and leaders understand and act based on how it feels for their teams to work at their organisation. The aim is to highlight that culture is everyone’s responsibility and key to enabling cultural change is compassionate, diverse, and inclusive leadership in maternity and neonatal services and beyond.

Why is the project needed and which documents support the project?

What are the expected outcomes of the project?

The current key goals within this project are:

  • Ensure that all providers engage and participate in part two of the NHS Perinatal Leadership and Culture programme as a minimum during 2023. This is aimed at the quadrumvirate of Head or Director of Midwifery, Clinical Director or Obstetric Lead, Clinical Director or Neonatal Lead and Director or Head of Operations.
  • Provide opportunities for leaders to come together across organisational boundaries to learn from and support each other when working on culture within our maternity units.

What have been the successes of the project so far?

  • In June 2023, over 40 members of Norfolk and Waveney Local Maternity and Neonatal System joined together for the first Perinatal Culture Workshop. Multi-disciplinary teams worked together to discuss what good culture looks like, what good practices are currently happening in our Trusts and areas which need improvement and action. The second Perinatal Culture Workshop will happen in November.
  • All Trusts are engaging in the Perinatal Culture and Leadership Programme.

Norfolk and Waveney LMNS: Challenging Poor Behaviours

Access numerous toolkits and information on how to challenge poor behaviours in the workplace on this Microsoft Sway link.