Data and Intelligence – the state of the art – understanding and developing the skills of the group in data and intelligence to support their work as clinicians and system

Video summary

The presentation begins with expressions of gratitude for attendees’ time and emphasizes the importance of addressing the overwhelming demand in healthcare. The speaker, Mike Farrar, introduces the session’s theme, “Is Intelligence the Magic Bullet?” He discusses the need to utilize data as a solution to the challenges posed by the demand for healthcare services.
Key points covered include:

  • The shift from supply-side growth to demand-side management due to limited resources in healthcare.
  • The potential of data and intelligence to target resources effectively and make data-driven decisions in healthcare practice.
  • The importance of making data and intelligence accessible to both healthcare professionals and citizens to enhance shared care and maintain good health.
  • The significance of aligning healthcare data with data from other sources for greater insights and improved outcomes.
  • The intention to facilitate a two-way conversation about the use of data and intelligence, particularly in the context of Norfolk and Waveney.
  • The speaker’s emphasis on practical applications of data and intelligence in healthcare, illustrated through an example involving elective capacity and intermediate care.
  • The invitation for attendees to share their thoughts and examples related to data usage in healthcare.

Overall, the presentation explores the role of data and intelligence as essential tools for addressing healthcare challenges and improving healthcare practices.

Video timeline

02:00 Introduction
05:40 Using data and intelligence.
14:41 Opportunities of data at organisational level
18:50 Shared data and behaviours – the fuel for the system to encourage collaboration.
22:38 Underpinning requirements
27:04 PROMS and PREMS
29:34 Reducing unnecessary bureaucracy
31:30 Excellent examples
37:25 N&W examples